Award winning designer, Shari Cuartero, began her career in her home town of New York City. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology, where she majored in Jewelry Design, she worked as a designer for various fine jewelry manufacturers, later branching out into the areas of merchandising and product development. To fulfill a growing desire to express her own artistic vision, Shari founded Olivia B. in 2016. The Company is named for her daughter and greatest source of inspiration!   Olivia B. is a line of 14K jewelry defined by vibrant colored gemstones. Shari explores new ways of combining the various shapes, cuts, and colors of these gems to create unique designs, often accented with diamonds. Her clean, minimalist aesthetic allows the stones to be the central focus, with the gold framing the silhouettes. Shari’s approach to design is modern and fresh. Her styling is classic and sophisticated. She creates accessible luxury jewelry which is wearable for day or evening.